Why Most Brides-to-Be Love to DIY?

Many Brides-to-Be, or popularly known as B2B choose to DIY most of their Engagement / Wedding stuffs. Why?

  • For self-satisfaction. Most ladies have similar thought that such events are one in a lifetime experience, so, they wanted to have their own personal touch & ideas to be embedded into the planning of their big day. 
  • Creativity. Many brides want to stand out by creating something new & try not to copy other's ideas. Normally they'll dig photos for inspirations & try to modify it according to their taste... We don't really have similar interests, aren't we ladies?
  • Cut costs. While DIY took a lot of hard work, determination & your time, it actually helps with your budget. All you need to do is to be certain of what you really want (like... really2 certain) and you may start looking for the best suppliers & you'll be amazed of how much you'll save!
You have no idea of what to DIY? How about you start with this: Invitation cards, Doorgifts, & Hantaran. Get the idea?



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