I Am Accepting Orders!!

Dear valuable readers and B2B out there.. 

Officially announcing that Mrs Nelly Bouquet is now accepting orders for 2013, effective 26th December 2012. 

I'm sure many of you out there were suspicious if this is true or a hoax since there were not so many pictures to browse for work sample. I'm still in the middle of making final touch to it, (mainly the handle) so it will be uploaded from time to time.. (hopefully not for too long.. T_T). But yes, this is true, I'm not a cheater (This I can assure).So I thank your support in advance... 

Kindly place your order with us by using the ORDER FORM tab between 26th Dec 2012 - 25th Jan 2013 and you're entitle to get a 20% OFF the original price from us. 

Meaning to say, it doesn't matter if your big day NOT, I repeat, NOT in January! As long as you place your order during the promo period then you'll be entitle to get the discount. 

So, what are you waiting? PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!! 

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