Pink Rule~

When the "Free Giveaways by Mrs Nelly Bouquet" officially closed, I received lots of requests from the winners for their preferred HB colors. And I can't help but to noticed PINK from most of the requests. There's no doubt that most B2B adore pink, and will surely incorporated the color for their wedding. 

This is one of the request that I received. Full image will be available once the bride uploaded it in her blog... Many thanks to you Miss B2B... Have fun during your wedding day..     

To you, was it a "yay" or a "nay"?
Happy Monday to everyone... 

The End of January Promotion

A friendly reminder to everybody.... The January Promotion period is coming to its end... sobs. At approximately 12.00 p.m. tonight, the 20% discount to every purchase of hand bouquet will be closed. So, if you know someone, or a B2B who love to hold something not the usual for her wedding day, help me spread the words!!! ^.^

This would be a nice gift to your friends too... :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.. 

Panic Attack!!

Hi all!! Selamat petang... Panic Attack sebab Mrs Nelly Bouquet telah mengingkari permintaan seorang B2B dengan sengajanya... Maigad!! Tengah nervous meluap-luap sebab Miss B2B 2 request handle kaler soft tapi bila Mrs Nelly Bouquet buat semalam, nampak x cantik sgt bunga 2.. So, dengan berat hati terpaksa tkr dengan kaler lain sebab hendak naikkan seri HB 2.. Alamak, tengah risau tunggu respons cik B2B... Arap2 dia x tulis review teruk2 nanti... sorry sangat-sangat.... 

P/S: Hendak post gambar HB 2 tp tgu la tuan punya post dlu la ek..  

yours truly:

Fish Bowl for Hantaran....

Hello B2B smua... Ada siapa-siapa yang guna fish bowl sebagai bekas hantaran?? Mrs Nelly Bouquet actually pakai fish bowl ni sebagai bekas hantaran masa nikah dulu.. Tp gambar hantaran 2 x jmp la pla!! Soobs.... >.< 

Sila la view gambar dari google ini sebagai rujukan ek... Sorry all.. 

Simple yet stunning!

Bunga keliling 2 tkr ikt tema anda, ikan 2 ganti dgn brg hantaran anda jg.. heee.. msti gojes...

Bole juga hias bahagian dalam pastu letak brg hantaran dkt atas... 

@ letak bunga hiasan dkt atas.. brg hntrn dkt bawah... :)
Hias dgn 1 ekor kupu2 pn da ckup cantekk....
Mrs Nelly aritu isi dalam pelbagai bentuk bowl fish ni tp ada suara-suara sumbang ckp lg cantik klu letak dlm 1 bentuk yg sama shj.... suka ati kita la kan.. hehehe... Kalau ada sesiapa buat mcm ni, sila la share d blog memasing utk inspirasi ok... 

mengucapkan Selamat berhujung minggu untuk semua...

Let's Go RAINBOW Sis!

My only sister recently announced that she's getting engage. She's 5 years younger than me by the way. So, when we're alone, I asked her one common question that you might have encountered before... "What's your theme?" I know she hated that question because she's not a very feminine girl in the first place. As expected she shook her head and throw me a bitter smile. 

At first she said "I'm gonna go for Mint Green + Champagne". (She's always a green lover...) But then she asked for my opinion afterwards. I proposed Polka Dot for her theme, but cancelled the idea as her friend's sister already used that theme for her wedding. Then I looked at her and jokingly said "Rainbow color. It'll be fun since no one ever done that here before..." Then, with her big eyes she looks at me with amusement but didn't say anything in return. Hmm.. she's considering it perhaps? Finger cross....  :-p

Rainbow Favors 
Hmm... It's just an engagement anyway....

                Thanks for stopping by here at

Poppy Red Wedding Anyone?

Anybody pick Poppy Red as their wedding color theme? Anyone? Well, I remember ignoring RED color for my wedding because I thought its the 'least expected' color choice among invited guests. And I honestly regreted it by now.... Why?

I've attended several weddings the past few years & I can only recalled attending one friend's wedding with Black & Red theme. I've attended so many Purple + Pink, Blue + Pink Theme, Silver + Blue, White + Purple.. As far as I'm concern 2010 - 2012 was all about purple.... & there's no doubt that Purple is a really nice color. 

So, why neglect Red? Ok, maybe its common but as far as I could remember, Red is not really a popular choice among B2B.. heee... If you're still undecided of your color, then why not try red? If you think red is not compatible for your skin color (your future husband too), who say theme color is only for your wedding dress? :)
Aqua + Red Theme.. Lovely!!! {Image Source}
{Image Source}
{Image Source}
I heart this... {Source}
Hope to attend any wedding with this theme sooner or later... :) 

All About Shoes

Have you thought what kind of shoes will you be wearing on your wedding day? The image below could help you identify your right type of shoes. Remember, its your wedding day, so it's really important to wear shoes that fit you perfectly and makes you comfortable all day long...  

Don't underestimate the power of shoes ok... {Article Source

A Sight to Behold..

As much as we all love fresh flowers, we couldn't change the fact that it doesn't last forever. It's heartbreaking to watch the beautiful flower died & wilt as soon as we received it. So, if people ask why not hold fresh flowers for your wedding, the one and most special moment of your life, tell them this, "Handmade flowers maybe fake but it lasts forever". You may even pass it on for generation... who knows how long it may lasts if being taken care. 

So, with humble heart and silent admiration, Mrs Nelly Bouquet proudly present this Spiral and Petal Felt Hand Bouquet for your viewing this bless afternoon... Congratulations to the B2B and Selamat Pengantin Baru in advance from us... 

For: Syahida
Code: Triple Tone Spiral
Color: Hot Pink + Tiffany Blue + Peach
Material: Felt
Selling Price: RM 65.00 (Negotiable) 

The B2B originally requested Tiffany Blue + Peach color only but it failed to impressed her during sneak peak session (hihi).. So, we decided to add some Hot Pink to brighten the bouquet... 

 For: Syahida
Code: Single Colored Petal 
Color: Pure White
Material: Felt
Selling Price: RM 70.00 (Negotiable)

  All white bouquet looks elegant and will fit to almost any theme color...

This started as a hobby, now it has transform into a passion... I wish to make many of these in the future. As a beginner, it's TRUST that may define the beginning to a beautiful creation. I'm a nervous crafter, but its your happiness that matter the most to me.. To Syahida, THANK YOU for trusting me, and hopefully you'll like it.. 
Aren't we lovely... 
Nice eh.. 
Never underestimate the power of your bouquet handle... Coz' It will make or break your hand bouquet... 


All About the Handle..

Quick updates before work.. Here are some HB's handles preview.... Hopefully the receiver gonna like this... ^.^

So, which one you prefer? Peach or Tiffany blue?

Time to work everyone... happy Friday from

Lin Handmade Greetings Card Jan 2013 Blog Giveaway

Good evening everyone!! If you're a fan of a handmade greeting cards, then this could be your another chance of winning again!! Lin from Lin Handmade Greetings Card is having a January 2013 Giveaway... Just follow these simple steps and who knows if you could be the lucky winner! 

1. Follow her link here.   
2. Like her page on FB. 
3. Publish a post promoting her GA. (Click here)
4. Share her GA to your FB wall. 
5. Leave your link on her Mr Linky section. 
6. Don't forget to comment afterwards. 

GA period ended 31st January 2013 ya.. 

Sharing is caring..  Mrs Nelly Bouquet saja share... Kalau terpilih jadi pemenang pn apa salahnya.. 

HB Ready for Courier....

Assalamualaikum... This HB is requested by one B2B from Pahang.. It is ready for courier... Just a sneak peak... Because don't wanna kill her excitement by posting this entry first and revealing her HB.. Hopefully she'll like it..

To the B2B.. Selamat melangkah ke jinjang pelamin ok.. ^.^

2013 Colour of the Year

My evening routine of random Google-ing has brought me to an exciting finding, the 2013 Colour of the Year. And what's more interesting is, its nothing bright or shiny or girly or sexy or romantic. And I'm doubtful whether you, Mrs - to - be out there would even put this color into consideration for your wedding.

Pantone, a renowned authority on color has announced that 2013 Color of the Year would be Emerald Green. Below are some of the example on how to incorporate the Emerald Green to your wedding. All pictures are credit to Google unless stated. So, will you pick Emerald Green as your colour??? 

Too cute to handle.. 
The Emerald Green Skinny Stiletto
I love how the green color pop out among the rests.. (image source)
Sgt cantekk!!

So, if you're still looking for a wedding theme, then this colour worth trying.. ^.^

Sa Sa Malaysia FB Fans Giveaway– FREE KilaDoll Sakura Cream

Hi Ladies.. Sorry, this entry has nothing to do with hand bouquet or another free GA by Mrs Nelly Bouquet.. Tgh bertungkus lumus siapkn HB GA & order dr customer... Syukur Alhamdullilah. 

Just wanna let you know that SaSa Malaysia is having a FB Fans Giveaway until 07th January 2013...

This is what the SaSa Admin have to say about their GA <--- Not my words aa.. 

Hi hi pink peeps! We've great news to share! Yes, yes, yes, we’ve 10 KilaDoll Sakura Cream to give away, woohoo! ^o^

The KilaDoll Sakura Cream is a breakthrough product to replace BB cream. It works as a foundation or concealer which brings you a pinkish and even skin tone. Sakura cream is made of Sakura's extracts from Hokkaido. It is classified as a skincare product with its protective moisturizing formula which do not harm the skin and stain on clothes. It is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Here’s what you have to do to win the KilaDoll Sakura Cream!
1. LIKE and SHARE this post with ‘Hey friends, @SaSaMalaysia is having KilaDoll Sakura Cream giveaway, check it out!’
2. Answer this question: Where does KilaDoll Sakura Cream originate from? Tag three friends and write your answer as a comment to this post like this: (Eg) @Jenny @Lindsy @Shu Shu, KilaDoll Sakura Cream originates from Korea.
3. Please fill up the entry form below:
4. We will pick 10 pink peeps who wrote down correct answers to received “KilaDoll Sakura Cream” for free.

*T&C Apply~
1. Share this post on or before 7th Jan 2013 (Monday) 23:59 (Malaysia time; GMT +8:00).
2. Winners’ names will be announced on 9th Jan 2013 (Wednesday).
3. Limited to 1 redemption per person.
4. Please present your IC during redemption.
5. SaSa Malaysia reserves the final right of decision in case of dispute.

So, tunggu apa lagi B2B sekalian... grab your chance to win another great gifts!! 

Official 7 Lucky B2B Winners.. & surprise for 3 more B2B!

Assalamualaikum... Waa.. x sangka dapat sambutan yang agak menggalakan dari B2B sekalian biarpun bru dalam bidang ini... 

So, secara rasminya.. inilah list 6 orang pemenang GA MrsNellyBouquet yang bertuah.. tahniah2..

6. Fana Aqim

and lucky no. 7 winner is AyongAtikah Zaid...

As I've said before, follower no. 6 onwards might also have the chance to win something so.. here are 2  more lucky B2B.

8. Cik Pia
9. Honey Lalala
10. Cik Awin

... and that's the wrap of Mrs Nelly Bouquet's free GA!! Many thanks to your support!!

Tahniah... Jadi, sila la isi borang dekat order form untuk claim hadiah anda semua ek... Terutamanya para B2B yang bakal melangsungkan majlis x lama lagi... (Jan - Mac)... 

Mcm mn nak claim?? Sila baca ye.. 
  • Smua winner berpeluang untuk claim maksimum 3 jenis HB pilihan sendiri except for lucky B2B no 8 - 10. Yours will be limited to 1 HB only. 
  • Sila berikan alamat penghantaran yang SAH. Kos penghantaran ditanggung oleh MrsNellyBouquet. 

So, sila bt pilihan.. jangan malu2..  

GA winners..

Congratulations and many thanks to these lovely B2B for being Mrs Nelly Bouquet top 5 followers & fans.

1 more spot left... Thank you all for your support!! Please kindly tell your B2B friends to grab this opportunity.. 

1.  Farhana Iezana (the lucky B2B)
2. Cik Anna Jamu Susuk Dara
3. Orked Violet
4. s h a 
5. Nurul Fateha Mohamed
6. Fana Aqim 

To all the lucky B2B, drop your descriptions here to claim ur HB.. 

Congrats & thank you for your support!!

P/S: This posts will be updated from time to time. 

Fabric Hand Bouquet: Teaser..

Assalamualaikum... This is only a teaser because it's not yet ready... Haven't finished making the handle.. T_T... I'm so sleepy last night that I couldn't finish it. Will upload the full picture once it's complete.. 

The bright colour of hot pink will actually attract people's attention to what you're holding during your wedding day. So, instead of picking common colours like pastels, why don't try for something bright, isn't?

Code: Fabric flower
Colour: Hot Pink
Material: Lining cloths + Buttons

Email to inquire. Thankx... 
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