Trial & Error

"The best way to finish something / achieve something is to begin.. " is so far my favorite phrase...It's true. Just like I adore babies so much. They're the most amazing human being. They just don't know how to give up!! Even after going through a painful experience of trying to do something, they wont stop doing it till they're successful. 

What I'm trying to say is, this is my 1st handmade hand bouquet. I almost gave up, just by trying to figure out how to assemble it into a bouquet. It's so hard ---> to me. 

This won't be for sale. If you like this style, PM me and I'll do identical one for specially for you.

Code: Dual Tone Spiral
Color: Hot Pink + Peach
Material: Felt

Dual Tone Petal Felt Hand Bouquet

Salam.. The idea for this one was an All Blue Bouquet but it does not look attractive at all when I first assemble it into a bouquet. Maybe because it was a bad choice of the blue colour. So, I decided to add white color to it, hopefully it please your eyes...

Code: Single Colored Petal 
Color: Pure White + Blue
Material: Felt

January Promotion!!

Attention to all bloggers out there!

20% Off is given to those who place their order from 26th Dec 2012 - 25th Jan 2013. So, hurry up! Don't miss this chance, inform your friends so they can save too!! 

Thank you! 

Dual Tone Spiral Felt Bouquet

This hand bouquet is a combination of two colors, so I decided to name it Dual Tone Spiral Felt Bouquet. I called it spiral due to the outlook of the flowers... This type of hand bouquet is smaller than the Single Colored Petal Felt Flowers. If you like this, tell me your preferred colours and I'll do it for you..  
Code: Dual - Tone Spiral
Colors: Hot Pink + Dark Magenta
Material: Felt

Lomo Look 1
Lomo Look 2

~ Falling ~
~ Standing ~

Handle close -up
Flower close - up

You may place your order here

I Am Accepting Orders!!

Dear valuable readers and B2B out there.. 

Officially announcing that Mrs Nelly Bouquet is now accepting orders for 2013, effective 26th December 2012. 

I'm sure many of you out there were suspicious if this is true or a hoax since there were not so many pictures to browse for work sample. I'm still in the middle of making final touch to it, (mainly the handle) so it will be uploaded from time to time.. (hopefully not for too long.. T_T). But yes, this is true, I'm not a cheater (This I can assure).So I thank your support in advance... 

Kindly place your order with us by using the ORDER FORM tab between 26th Dec 2012 - 25th Jan 2013 and you're entitle to get a 20% OFF the original price from us. 

Meaning to say, it doesn't matter if your big day NOT, I repeat, NOT in January! As long as you place your order during the promo period then you'll be entitle to get the discount. 

So, what are you waiting? PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!! 

Single Colored Petal Felt Flower

Below is the sample of a single colored hand bouquet for your wedding. You may hold it yourself as a bride... Or you can presented it to your bridesmaid as a token of appreciation for being your best friend during your most nerve-wrecking moment in your life. (I'm sure many bridal shop didn't provide hand bouquet for your bridesmaid).  

View from Above
This one is for sale. Submit your inquiry using the Order Form and I'll response ASAP. It's brand new.. Don't worry! I've just finished making the handle yesterday afternoon... (it takes me like forever to figure out how to wrap the handle beautifully!!!) 

Fill in the following description in the Hand Bouquet Code column in the order form. You may simply copy and paste it.. easy right! 

Code: Single Colored Petal
Color: Pure White
Material: Felt 

Pick Me... Pick Me...
Can't wait to meet new owner... >.<
If you can imagine holding this, then this should be yours.. :-p

Wedding Tips Part 1: Hantaran

Exchanging hantaran between the Bride and Groom is a tradition in Malay wedding. However, non-Malays also practiced it by exchanging gifts between the couple. For malay wedding, Hantaran must be given in an odd number (as low as 1 hantaran), with the Bride giving more than the groom. For example, the bride need to give 3 hantaran in exchange for 1 hantaran given by her groom. If the groom give her 5 hantaran, the bride need to give him 7 hantaran, and so on. 

So, actually, the 1st wedding tips, I would like to share my experience on how B2B could cut cost for their wedding, specifically for their Hantaran. Common items chosen by couples for their hantaran are perfumes, handbag (wallet for groom), make-up, shoes, electronic gadgets, sweets, chocolates, etc. 

Since most of the items can be kept for a long time, once you've decided to get married, you might want to go to every sales because this is the time when you can buy your items with a discounted price. It might not that much but you can still save a little. 

One common mistake many B2B made is purchasing branded items for their hantaran. If your budget permitted you to do so, then it should be okay. But, you need to remember that all the hantaran you received will be used by you. So, If you think you cannot afford to buy your future husband a brand new handphone (guy loves gadgets), then replace it with something cheaper. That new handphone can always be presented during your anniversary, his birthday, Father's Day... & strictly not only on wedding day. 

Same goes to you (B2B). If it is such a burden for your fiance to buy you a new designer shoes, pick something else. Or opt for non-designer shoes which is less expensive. I understand that designer handbag, designer shoes, etc... looks good on your hantaran basket, but if you are struggling to provide those, then be creative. Look for less expensive items of your choice and save more for your wedding. 

In conclusion, this are ways to save money for your hantaran:

1. Take advantage during the Sales period. It's not much, but it help you save a little. 

2. Be flexible. Don't stick with your so-called designer handbag if your know you'll struggle providing it.

3. Be yourself. Remember, you are getting married because you've decided to do so (other than 'sudah sampai seru' reason). You should have full control over your big day, not others. This is your moment to shine, to feel happy... not to please others. What I mean by "Not to Please Others" is you don't have to worry about other's judgement because you did not purchase branded items for your hantaran. People will talk, talk, talk... its human's nature. So, don't let their 'thoughts' interfere your decision and most importantly, your HAPPINESS. 

Happy Shopping, and may you shop wisely! :-)

Can't It Be Simpler?

I believe that as a B2B, you've met few people that said similar words to you... "Why stress yourself with all the DIY preparations when leaving it to the bridal shop /planner is much easier?". Or "If you're not going to use fresh flower for HB, why don't you simply buy the fake one instead of making one? It's like you're torturing yourself.  Can't it be simpler?"

Finding an answer had never been easy. Because everybody were different in so many ways, even our preferences were different. Personally, I strongly believe that B2B wanted to personalized everything themselves for their satisfaction. What is more satisfying than hearing your invitees praising your hard work? And complimenting it's beauty? You. Us. The person who sacrifices her free time trying to make her big day perfect.

So, why bother? People can say anything to discourage you but not to supports or motivates you. We only get married once, so make the most out of it... Not everybody were talented to personalize their events.. Use your gift to the fullest. You know what awaits... Personal satisfaction.

Why Most Brides-to-Be Love to DIY?

Many Brides-to-Be, or popularly known as B2B choose to DIY most of their Engagement / Wedding stuffs. Why?

  • For self-satisfaction. Most ladies have similar thought that such events are one in a lifetime experience, so, they wanted to have their own personal touch & ideas to be embedded into the planning of their big day. 
  • Creativity. Many brides want to stand out by creating something new & try not to copy other's ideas. Normally they'll dig photos for inspirations & try to modify it according to their taste... We don't really have similar interests, aren't we ladies?
  • Cut costs. While DIY took a lot of hard work, determination & your time, it actually helps with your budget. All you need to do is to be certain of what you really want (like... really2 certain) and you may start looking for the best suppliers & you'll be amazed of how much you'll save!
You have no idea of what to DIY? How about you start with this: Invitation cards, Doorgifts, & Hantaran. Get the idea?


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