DIY: Lace Shoes/Flats

Honestly, I don't know what to do with old shoes or flays. I usually throw them away without mercy. 

Anyway, I found this tutorial very interesting, provided that I always feel guilty throwing an old pair of shoes or flats to the trash bin. 

Source is from Dream A Little Bigger dot com... head there. You'll find plenty of interesting DIYs..

How To Make Flat Ribbon Rose

I haven't tried this myself but will surely do once I've free time. Who would've thought I'll be so buzy with the newborn and her 2 years old big sister.... 

Click here for full instuctions on how to make the ribbon rose. 

Happy trying peeps... 

Flower Arranging Trick All Girl Should Know

Thanks to, I got to learn about this amazingly genius trick in arranging flower. Super duper easy plus mess free. I kinda hate the dust that fell from the foam everytime I touch them. All photos are from here...

Happy trying girls.... :)

I'm Back!

Sorry for the way too long break as I'm currently on maternity break. Will start crafting again soon. 

Will try my best to update the blog regularly..

Handbouquet #14: Artificial Flowers

Assalamualaikum... 4 bulan x update! Sedihnya!! Aug - Dec 2013 adalah masa yg sangat bz utk Nelly. Semua x menyempat nk buat. Semua last minit... Sori sangat2 dengan pemenang2 GA.. Dpt HB x seperti yang dijanjikan... Contohnya Honey Lalala... Dia request felt flower tp memang x sempat sangat nk buat, terpaksa ganti dgn artificial flowers sj. Mesti Honey kata "eleh, klu setakat ini, better bt sendiri... " Sorry Honey.... Bru singgah blog Honey.. tahniah! Bakal jd mum... :)

Paling sadis ms nk siapkn HB ni, asik blackout ja. Mcm kitaorang x bayar bil letrik pula. Washing machine makcik jiran sebelah smpai rosak taw... Mmg geram sungguh... 10 jari memohon keampunan dari Honey sebab bg HB artificial flowers... 

Mudah-mudahan 2014 ni akan kembali aktif... Tp 2nd baby da OTW da ni.... Hehehe... 

P/S: Mood excited upload gambar sebab da ada watermark official! Yeay!!

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