DIY #8: Flower Backdrop

If you're longing to make your own backdrop then why not you try this lovely DIY from It's perfect for photo booth corner and party decorations. 

Please take note that I do not own this photo nor it's tutorial... I'm just sharing it because it's freakin' awesome!! 

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DIY #7: Recycle Tin Kosong

Bagi sesiapa yang bercadang untuk menggunakan tin kosong sebab salah satu elemen hiasan untuk majlis keramaian yang akan datang, bolehlah rujuk sini bagi panduan mencantikkan tin-tin kosong anda. Sekurang-kurangnya x la kosong begitu shj kan.. Biar orang kata ada effort untuk bg majlis tu nampak berseri... 

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Selamat mencuba people!!

DIY #6: Personalized Paper Napkins

I'm always amazed at these beautiful, unique and one-of-a kind printed paper napkins or tissue as we called it here. Then, I got lucky to stumbled upon it's 'How to' while browsing on my Pinterest page. 

It's so easy I would recommend you to try it. It would be a really interesting activity to kill the time while waiting to break our fast isn't? 

Happy trying people... =) 

Image Source Here
You can find the tutorial here...

Handbouquet #14: Fabric HB for Iezana

Minta maaf sebab lama sgt x update... Ni quick update for Iezana's HB last month. Dia minta kaler combination of baby blue and red apple utk fabric flowers. Then added elements of pearl and lace... 

Since xtau mn mau letak lace, sy decide letak atas pemegang HB tu.... 

Happy fasting people... :)
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