Thanks for the Entries, Honest Comments & Sorry to Honey Lalala ~

Assalamualaikum semua... First of all, nak bt public apology dengan Honey Lalala... Sebabnya dia ada join GA nelly. HB tu sepatutny due esok tp x sempat buat sebab Nelly busy sangat..... Sorry Honey!! Nasib baik dia kata xpa, dia bole guna ms majlis bertandang 15hb September 2013 nti... Don't worry, Nelly tgh gigih siapkan..   

Next, nak ucap terima kasih x terhingga dengan rakan2 blog yg ada bt entri & beri komen jujur berkaitan HB yg nelly buat. Sy budak baru belajar... Belajar pun hasil tengok tutorial & blog org lain... I'm trying to improve my skills as well.. 

Thank You AyongZaid... Bakal ibu jaga kesihatan elok2 k.. 
Courtesy image from Iezana... Bakal ibu jg... Tahniah!

Dari Fana... =)
Kepada readers, kalau anda B2B, bole terjah blog mereka sebab dorg ni bnyk share idea utk wedding prep jg... 

Practical Door Gifts ~

Lately I've been researching a practical gift to be given to friends and maybe even to guests.  Although I appreciate every little thoughts that a person put into choosing their door gifts but I really love the idea of presenting a practical gift. Meaning, we can re-use it again. 

While searching on pinterest, I stumbled upon this lovely idea from a teacher. According to her, her students give her various patterns of wrapping paper together with a celotape. She fell in love with the idea instantly and do the same for her son's teacher. 

Interesting, isn't? It's cheap and beautiful.... There're thousands of wrapping paper to pick and it cost about RM0.50 per piece. Just tie a tape (RM0.30) to a ribbon and put it nicely around the wrapping paper. There goes your door gifts!! Beautiful, Cheap and Practical!!! 

Hope this idea will help you decide your door gifts.... =)

Black and White Flower Bouquet

Here's some tips to all B2B out there. If you have a really tight budget for your hand bouquet and you need or have to use for more than one occasion, then opt for black & white flower bouquet. Trust me, the colours will definitely match any dress colours you're about to worn... 

Here's some example of the black and white flower bouquet. Looks like I'm gonna have to DIY one of these sooner or later.... 

Elegante isn't? 

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