Practical Door Gifts ~

Lately I've been researching a practical gift to be given to friends and maybe even to guests.  Although I appreciate every little thoughts that a person put into choosing their door gifts but I really love the idea of presenting a practical gift. Meaning, we can re-use it again. 

While searching on pinterest, I stumbled upon this lovely idea from a teacher. According to her, her students give her various patterns of wrapping paper together with a celotape. She fell in love with the idea instantly and do the same for her son's teacher. 

Interesting, isn't? It's cheap and beautiful.... There're thousands of wrapping paper to pick and it cost about RM0.50 per piece. Just tie a tape (RM0.30) to a ribbon and put it nicely around the wrapping paper. There goes your door gifts!! Beautiful, Cheap and Practical!!! 

Hope this idea will help you decide your door gifts.... =)

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Honey Lalala said...

Awak.. KIta wassap xreply pon.. dh x aktif ek? Btw how my HB progress eh? :)

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