About Me

The Owner

I've always adore cute & unique stuffs since I was a kid. Somehow, I wasn't really gifted with the talent of creativity so it's challenging for me to actually make and produce something. 

My passion for felt crafts started after I gave birth to my daughter. A mum always wanted to create something memorable for their kids I guess... , so I started browsing the internet for ideas and tutorial until I stumbled upon a website about handmade bride's bouquet made from felt. I fell in love with it immediately. 

I experimented making one of the flower pattern from the felt I bought (which was originally intended for making flush toy for my baby daughter..) and quite happy with the result. 

It took me half year to build my confidence to setup this virtual business because I don't really  want to start promoting something I'm not confident and happy with.  With lots of rooms for improvement, I thank you for believing in me and let's hope this newly found hobby of mine isn't just for a while only... Finger crossed.

The 'Business'

I tried my best to make as many ready made bouquets as possible but basically, the original idea was to custom made just for you!

Based in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu specifically. So, those B2B living nearby can self-pickup! Those who are not, don't worry.... Postage delivery is always available. :)

Since I've just started, only few samples available but let's hope for it to continue to grow.  

Thank you for your support!!

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