Wedding Tips Part 1: Hantaran

Exchanging hantaran between the Bride and Groom is a tradition in Malay wedding. However, non-Malays also practiced it by exchanging gifts between the couple. For malay wedding, Hantaran must be given in an odd number (as low as 1 hantaran), with the Bride giving more than the groom. For example, the bride need to give 3 hantaran in exchange for 1 hantaran given by her groom. If the groom give her 5 hantaran, the bride need to give him 7 hantaran, and so on. 

So, actually, the 1st wedding tips, I would like to share my experience on how B2B could cut cost for their wedding, specifically for their Hantaran. Common items chosen by couples for their hantaran are perfumes, handbag (wallet for groom), make-up, shoes, electronic gadgets, sweets, chocolates, etc. 

Since most of the items can be kept for a long time, once you've decided to get married, you might want to go to every sales because this is the time when you can buy your items with a discounted price. It might not that much but you can still save a little. 

One common mistake many B2B made is purchasing branded items for their hantaran. If your budget permitted you to do so, then it should be okay. But, you need to remember that all the hantaran you received will be used by you. So, If you think you cannot afford to buy your future husband a brand new handphone (guy loves gadgets), then replace it with something cheaper. That new handphone can always be presented during your anniversary, his birthday, Father's Day... & strictly not only on wedding day. 

Same goes to you (B2B). If it is such a burden for your fiance to buy you a new designer shoes, pick something else. Or opt for non-designer shoes which is less expensive. I understand that designer handbag, designer shoes, etc... looks good on your hantaran basket, but if you are struggling to provide those, then be creative. Look for less expensive items of your choice and save more for your wedding. 

In conclusion, this are ways to save money for your hantaran:

1. Take advantage during the Sales period. It's not much, but it help you save a little. 

2. Be flexible. Don't stick with your so-called designer handbag if your know you'll struggle providing it.

3. Be yourself. Remember, you are getting married because you've decided to do so (other than 'sudah sampai seru' reason). You should have full control over your big day, not others. This is your moment to shine, to feel happy... not to please others. What I mean by "Not to Please Others" is you don't have to worry about other's judgement because you did not purchase branded items for your hantaran. People will talk, talk, talk... its human's nature. So, don't let their 'thoughts' interfere your decision and most importantly, your HAPPINESS. 

Happy Shopping, and may you shop wisely! :-)

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