Single Colored Petal Felt Flower

Below is the sample of a single colored hand bouquet for your wedding. You may hold it yourself as a bride... Or you can presented it to your bridesmaid as a token of appreciation for being your best friend during your most nerve-wrecking moment in your life. (I'm sure many bridal shop didn't provide hand bouquet for your bridesmaid).  

View from Above
This one is for sale. Submit your inquiry using the Order Form and I'll response ASAP. It's brand new.. Don't worry! I've just finished making the handle yesterday afternoon... (it takes me like forever to figure out how to wrap the handle beautifully!!!) 

Fill in the following description in the Hand Bouquet Code column in the order form. You may simply copy and paste it.. easy right! 

Code: Single Colored Petal
Color: Pure White
Material: Felt 

Pick Me... Pick Me...
Can't wait to meet new owner... >.<
If you can imagine holding this, then this should be yours.. :-p

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