Can't It Be Simpler?

I believe that as a B2B, you've met few people that said similar words to you... "Why stress yourself with all the DIY preparations when leaving it to the bridal shop /planner is much easier?". Or "If you're not going to use fresh flower for HB, why don't you simply buy the fake one instead of making one? It's like you're torturing yourself.  Can't it be simpler?"

Finding an answer had never been easy. Because everybody were different in so many ways, even our preferences were different. Personally, I strongly believe that B2B wanted to personalized everything themselves for their satisfaction. What is more satisfying than hearing your invitees praising your hard work? And complimenting it's beauty? You. Us. The person who sacrifices her free time trying to make her big day perfect.

So, why bother? People can say anything to discourage you but not to supports or motivates you. We only get married once, so make the most out of it... Not everybody were talented to personalize their events.. Use your gift to the fullest. You know what awaits... Personal satisfaction.

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