2013 Colour of the Year

My evening routine of random Google-ing has brought me to an exciting finding, the 2013 Colour of the Year. And what's more interesting is, its nothing bright or shiny or girly or sexy or romantic. And I'm doubtful whether you, Mrs - to - be out there would even put this color into consideration for your wedding.

Pantone, a renowned authority on color has announced that 2013 Color of the Year would be Emerald Green. Below are some of the example on how to incorporate the Emerald Green to your wedding. All pictures are credit to Google unless stated. So, will you pick Emerald Green as your colour??? 

Too cute to handle.. 
The Emerald Green Skinny Stiletto
I love how the green color pop out among the rests.. (image source)
Sgt cantekk!!

So, if you're still looking for a wedding theme, then this colour worth trying.. ^.^


s h a said...

Menarik.Kalaula baju warna ni ada kat kedah boleh pujuk en tunang ni.Hehehe. :)

Mrs Nelly Bouquet said...

bole kot.. try la cri.. hehe..

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