Let's Go RAINBOW Sis!

My only sister recently announced that she's getting engage. She's 5 years younger than me by the way. So, when we're alone, I asked her one common question that you might have encountered before... "What's your theme?" I know she hated that question because she's not a very feminine girl in the first place. As expected she shook her head and throw me a bitter smile. 

At first she said "I'm gonna go for Mint Green + Champagne". (She's always a green lover...) But then she asked for my opinion afterwards. I proposed Polka Dot for her theme, but cancelled the idea as her friend's sister already used that theme for her wedding. Then I looked at her and jokingly said "Rainbow color. It'll be fun since no one ever done that here before..." Then, with her big eyes she looks at me with amusement but didn't say anything in return. Hmm.. she's considering it perhaps? Finger cross....  :-p

Rainbow Favors 
Hmm... It's just an engagement anyway....

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s h a said...

Interesting.Great idea. :)

Farhana IezAna said...

Cantik jgk wt tema rainbow..menarik, ceria mjlis..

Mrs Nelly Bouquet said...

2 la.. msti paksa adik pilih ni.. ngeee....

orked violet @ SYA said...

paksa jangan tak paksa! hehehe

nnti share pics kat cni ek. boLeh jadi inspirations to others too =)

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