Poppy Red Wedding Anyone?

Anybody pick Poppy Red as their wedding color theme? Anyone? Well, I remember ignoring RED color for my wedding because I thought its the 'least expected' color choice among invited guests. And I honestly regreted it by now.... Why?

I've attended several weddings the past few years & I can only recalled attending one friend's wedding with Black & Red theme. I've attended so many Purple + Pink, Blue + Pink Theme, Silver + Blue, White + Purple.. As far as I'm concern 2010 - 2012 was all about purple.... & there's no doubt that Purple is a really nice color. 

So, why neglect Red? Ok, maybe its common but as far as I could remember, Red is not really a popular choice among B2B.. heee... If you're still undecided of your color, then why not try red? If you think red is not compatible for your skin color (your future husband too), who say theme color is only for your wedding dress? :)
Aqua + Red Theme.. Lovely!!! {Image Source}
{Image Source}
{Image Source}
I heart this... {Source}
Hope to attend any wedding with this theme sooner or later... :) 


AyongAtikah Zaid said...

ayong mmg nak sgt merah sbb ayong mmg giler merah...tp tunang ayong xnak...kena la redha...hehe..

orked violet @ SYA said...

Sya plan for bertandang maybe pakai red dress. Wahh.. Mak ngah! hehehe

Mrs Nelly Bouquet said...

msti gojes... pegang bunga kaler putih. waaa..

Mrs Nelly Bouquet said...


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