GA winners..

Congratulations and many thanks to these lovely B2B for being Mrs Nelly Bouquet top 5 followers & fans.

1 more spot left... Thank you all for your support!! Please kindly tell your B2B friends to grab this opportunity.. 

1.  Farhana Iezana (the lucky B2B)
2. Cik Anna Jamu Susuk Dara
3. Orked Violet
4. s h a 
5. Nurul Fateha Mohamed
6. Fana Aqim 

To all the lucky B2B, drop your descriptions here to claim ur HB.. 

Congrats & thank you for your support!!

P/S: This posts will be updated from time to time. 


s h a said...

Hye dear,

Done sharing your page at my FB wall.My profile name is Smiley Shee.Thank you. :)

Mrs Nelly Bouquet said...

Thanks.. leave ur details here to claim ur HB.. congrats and thanks a lot for ur support..

s h a said...

Done filling up my details.Thanx again dear.Really appreciate it. :)

Honey Lalala said...

Hye awak! Saya pun dah share ur page kat my FB wall. My Profile name is Sofahani Sakroji. TQ :D

La dOLcE mEa_nAtt said...

wah untungla korang...tahniah !!

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