Good Habits that Help Weight Loss ~

Note to self:
  • Eat a nutritious and balanced breakfast everyday. If you're trying to shed some KG, never skip breakfast as it is the most important meals of the day that keep you energetic throughout your day. 
  • Eat 4 - 5 small meals everyday. It helps to satisfy hunger and refrain you from snacking, especially on tidbits and junk food. Tidbits and junk foods were always hard to resist!! 
  • Try to eat a fruit (e.g. apple, banana) before dinner. I totally skipped dinner actually. 
  • Reduce seasoning and cut down on oil, salt and sugar please. No carbonated drinks ladies.  
  • Chew slowly and thoroughly. 
  • Eat natural and organic food tough they might cost a bit expensive. 
  • Whenever you have a choice, order steamed food.
  • DRINK A LOT OF WATER. It's one of the most underrated but highly effective tips to weight loss.
As an ex B2B, I found it traumatizing to look as good for the big day. The pressure to lose some weight is THERE (whether you like it or not) and it can be really stressful (not to mention the stress for the wedding stuffs...). 

But there's nobody to blame but ourselves right? You wouldn't believe it if I tell you I couldn't fit into my Nikah attire after it's done. It left me with no other choices but to CONTROL my food intake... or in other words, DIET!!!

So, from someone who gain just 7KG after I successfully delivered my clothes to the tailor, I went on losing 9KG just before the wedding. Of course it doesn't happened overnight or in 2 weeks but it took me 3 months to get the figure I once had. 

So, there's really no short cut in losing weight...
Credit to SaSa Malaysia for the tips :)

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