Giant Flower for Bouquet

Hello y'all.... I stumbled upon this interesting idea of Giant flower for bride's bouquet... What makes me so excited about it was it comes with a complete tutorial on how to produce the giant flower. So, having some time to spare today, I decided to give it a try. It may not as big as shown in the picture below but it's my 1st trial... Practice makes perfect right ladies? wink wink.. 

Tutorial & image courtesy from here...
..... and these were what I managed to make:

~ Each flower were 5cm in diameter ~
~ There're supposed to be purple ~
I'm not sure how many of you is willing to hold 1 giant flower for your e-day but you may use it as decoration or for bridesmaids. 

If this is for sale, how much would it cost? Kinda need your help here... Voice out your thought ya.... Thank you!    

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